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Factory Profile

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  • 150,00 square feet
  • 3 Buildings in Total
  • Located in Saigon’s Technology Park (SHTP)
  • Planned for Expansion in 2019

Production Outputs

Technology Rate Photos
SMT (Surface Mount technology) 200K CPH
Wave Soldering 566 PCBA per hour 80mm x 120mm
Automatic Component Insertion Machine 24K CPH
Assembly Line for Turnkey Devices 7K Turnkey Products per day

SMT Assembly Lines

  • 2 x Mounter MX400 @ 46,000 components/hour
  • 1 x Mounter MX400P @ 40,000 components/hour
  • 2 x Mounter MX200 @ 23,000 components/hour
  • 2 x Mounter MX200P @ 17,000 components/hour

Turnkey Assembly

  • Over 1 million units per year

Available Manufacturing Space

  • Class 10K Manufacturing Space Expansion


With a Total of 180 Employees the breakdown of Employee Qualitifcation are as follows:

  • 18 – Office Staff Members / Technical and Business Graduates
  • 25 – Engineers / Bachelor Degrees
  • 27 – Technicians (all disciplines) / Technical Colleges
  • 110- Workers / Technically Trained and ongoing education
  • All Employees are over the age of 18 years old
    – The Vietnam government is vigiliant against underaged workers
  • Employees have Permanent Residency close to SHTP and commute daily
  • All Workers are Motivated to train and advance within the Company structure
  • Employees have long tenures with TCE with continued Alligiance to the Company