About 20 years, Vietnam started the effort to build a position as an emerging global manufacturing region in Southeast Asia. With a steady increase in technology, infrastructure, educated workforce and global investment, Vietnam has continued to increase its production output at a noticeable pace. To accomplish this growth and the strong forecast to continue, infrasture in Vietnam was in need to be upgraded in all aspects of support in the disciplines of: Transportation, Communication, Power Grids, Technology Expertise, Skilled Managers and Educated Laborers.

In the early years of Vietnam’s emergence, the industry recognized Vietnam’s advantages providing Tier 1 EMSs were involved. In essence, Tier 1 EMSs supplied all of the necessary infrastructure to operate in a country that required upgrades in infrastructure. Today, this condition has changed as Vietnam has now matured its condition to support business, and namely, electronic contract manufacturing.

Requirements of EMS, product developments, Sub-Assemblies, Fiber Optic Communications

TCE has been ahead of this learning curve and infrastructre development. From its inception, we located ourselves in the most prestious and advanced Technology section in Vietnam, Saigon High-Tech Park (SHTP).

The SHTP complex sprawls to 3.5 square miles and has global multi-national companies as its residence. SHTP is the jewell of technology parks in Vietnam and has acquired the highest level of priorty in all government services. It also has perfect logistic location for Land, Sea and Air transport. TCE’s location and participant in SHTP’s community has lead to our long term success and continued growth.

  • TCE is located in SHTP of central Saigon, Vietnam
  • SHTP is the premier Technology Center in Vietnam
  • SHTP has company operation of multi-national corporations:
    Jabil, Intel, Schneider, Rockwell, Nidec, Microchip and others

  • Three Technical Colleges are Tech Feeders to SHTP and located nearby
  • SHTP has government priority to all Infrastructure Services
  • Electricity Service to SHTP comves from Multiple Energy Providers
  • SHTP is located close to Airport and Container Seaport of Saigon (10 miles from either location)

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