Driving Value across the Product Lifecycle

Manufacturing, electronics, EMS

Limitless Customer Support

Manufacturing, electronics, EMS

Our service does not end with the delivery of your products. Even after the serial production phase, we offer comprehensive support to our customers. Supporting your product in the fields of repair, rework, remanufacturing, upgrades & modifications lets us extend your product’s lifecycle according to fast-changing user needs and market trends. If you need to upgrade an entire product line to the latest version, our designers, engineers, and service team are on hand to assist you, quickly and economically.

TCE’s time-tested expertise, processes and tools enhance and optimize your supply chain – delivering smarter results.

We are happy to take on the complex tasks & duties of After-Sales Support for our customers. This includes Material Availability, Spare Parts Management, End of Life Management, Last-Time Buying or Obsolescence Management and more.


Manufacturing, electronics, EMS

Material traceability starts already at our incoming material registration process where the data from each delivery is recorded on a package unique identification level. The dynamics of electronics manufacturing today is characterized in many cases by extremely short product lifecycles with high product mix running simultaneously on the shop floor. Miniaturization and constant developments in component technologies increase the risk of quality issues that may only be discovered later in a user environment. In order to realize the entirety of traceability along the value-added chain, our production facilities are interconnected via standardized interfaces to the MES (Manufacturing Execution System). TCE’s MES solution is integrated with our ERP systems for BOM & material count synchronization and data retention. Traceability coverage begins with components to PCBA or extend throughout the production lifecycle to offer coverage for: materials, machine, process, and full system build relationships

Obsolescence Management

Manufacturing, electronics, EMS

In addition to sourcing components for today, we are always identifying potential future challenges. Obsolescence management takes into account the life cycle of all of the complex moving pieces of your system & plans for their replacement as they age, before any supply challenges occur. Each year thousands of individual parts and components are retired or become obsolete. Ultimately End of Life (EOL) notices cost product manufacturers millions of dollars in re-designed & re-engineered products, product delays and extra inventory sourcing & handling charges.

TCE has early insight into at-risk parts and can perform obsolescence risk analysis before a part has been discontinued.