Seamless product delivery, from design to manufacturing to the market.

Manufacturing, electronics, EMS

When you’re introducing a new product, you need to move quickly…. because waiting around and driving up costs to fix mistakes or defects can mean losing the opportunity you were trying to seize. With TCE , you’ll get a team that’s dedicated to decreasing your time to market.

You’ll get to market faster, because your project team is integrated from initial Design and Development through test, rapid prototyping and Manufacturing. Collaboration is open and happens from the beginning, to ensure that we’re catching any problems early on. Our engineering team is engaged at every step, finding the smartest solutions for every phase, and making sure you’ll have no surprises or costly delays. And our dedicated transition team will be there the whole time, to shepherd your product all the way through the process. That means sourcing materials quickly, and employing our tools, processes and experience to identify and avoid any issues that could delay your launch. We have a long history of making sure we get the product right the first time.