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Manufacturing, electronics, EMS

TCE provides the full range of custom electronic design services, including circuit board design, FPGA design and embedded software development. Throughout the design process we follow the directives set out by the client, market regulations and best practice. We can also take care of the testing and certification processes. Our main goal is to eliminate any kind of product defects by applying advanced testing & performance techniques. With minimal customer engagement we can execute product testing, mechanical testing, electrical safety testing and risk analysis.

Design for Excellence (DFx)

Manufacturing, electronics, EMS

Choosing the right manufacturing partner can differentiate a product in terms of quality even before the actual production process begins. We utilize DFx (Design for Excellence) methods from the process development stage to industrialize the product during the product development. When implementing a new product, we keep an eye on the time-to-market during the industrialization phase.

A holistic inspection of the design phase in the context of product development offers a wide range of competitive advantages for our customers. By focusing on quality and efficiency, we are not only able to optimize material, construction and testing costs as early as the design phase by means of a wide range of analyses, but also ensure a shortened time-to-market phase and a minimization of defective assemblies, redesigns & the risk of obsolescence. Optimizing product design from the outset is the ideal way to make a sustainable impact on time, cost, and quality before it goes into the procurement phase.