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The Counterfeit Component pressure put on EMS companies is not to be ignored. For years, TCE has invoked good manufacturing practices to avoid such dangerous manufacturing scenarios. Our work includes diligence in purchasing components directly from manufacturers, or if the if the situation required, purchase only from authorized distributors. However, with the oncoming wave of “Cloned ICs”, the EMS industry is now subject for a larger and more critical invasion of Counterfeits. With this on the horizon. TCE is taking deeper steps to avoid Counterfeits with a higher degree of both prevention and detection.

As part of TCE’s holistic agenda, we are seeking to create a “Safe Haven” from Counterfeit Electronics not only within TCE but of all of Vietnam and beyond.

The three articles link in the Discussion Box highlight the nature of the current Counterfeit status an the evolution of Clones entering the Supply Chain.