TCE is one of Vietnam’s leading Tier 3 EMS. With 12 years of operation, TCE’s goal is to be the best of its genre and having world-class manufacturing levels offered to its customer base in Asia, North America and Europe. As a global entity to the EMS industry, TCE has raised its commercial offerings to meet the needs of our international customers. As a result of this agenda, TCE has adopted a series of commercial positions to mirror the needs of American OEMs. For this, we have assembled a commercial profile that is unique for Asia and indeed compatible with American OEMs.

  • IP Protection
  • Counterfeit Component Awareness and Mitigation
  • Contracts Written under the American Arbitration Association’s ICDR

TCE’s history of success has been helped by our strategic location in Saigon, namely the campus of Vietnam’s premier technology park, Saigon High Tech Park (SHTP).

25+ years of experiences for give you better results.

Our business platform is unique, and appropriate for the pragmatic American OEM. Our program is geared to cut through the most common difficulties in establishing the EMS – OEM relationships.