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Manufacturing, electronics, EMS

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Manufacturing, electronics, EMS
Manufacturing, EMS, OEMs, EMS Optimized, program development
Technologies of TCE

TCE has accrued a wide base of design and manufacturing knowledge from our work. Here are examples of our..

Engineering, electronics, manufacturing solutions
Vietnam- an EMS Provider

About 20 years ago, Vietnam started the agenda to enter the manufacturing sector on a global basis.

SMT Assembly Lines, Turnkey Assembly, Manufacturing Space, Workforce
Factory Profile

Workforce: With a Total of 807 Employees the breakdown of Employee Qualitifcation are as follows:

Engineering, electronics, manufacturing solutions, Technical expertise, Cutting-edge solutions
High Tech Complex

About 20 years, Vietnam started the effort to build a position as an emerging global manufacturing region in..

program development, manufacturing prominence, product development
IP Protection

The biggest risk any OEM takes when moving production to Asia is the possiblity of IP theft..

Manufacturing, EMS, OEMs, EMS Optimized, program development
TCE – USA Compatible

TCE is one of Vietnam’s leading Tier 3 EMS. With 12 years of operation, TCE’s goal is to be the best of its genre..

Manufacturing, electronics, EMS, OEMs, EMS Optimized

About Our


Manufacturing, electronics, EMS

TCE is one of Vietnam’s leading Tier 3 EMS. With 12 years of operation, TCE’s goal is to be the best of its genre by having world-class manufacturing levels offered to its customer base in Asia, North America and Europe.

Why Choose TCE

Manufacturing, electronics, EMS
  • TCE is Committed to Global World Class Quality and Service
  • Open Book Quotation Practice with Full Transparency and Confidentiality
  • IP Protection exercised to its Fullest Extent instituted by Vietnam government
  • Anti-Counterfeit Awareness and Mitigation Practices via Global Experts
  • Manufacturing Agreements under the International Centre of Dispute Resolution https://www.icdr.org (American Arbitration Association International Division)

  • Scalable Manufacturing of High Volume to Mid Volume Low Mix
  • Excellent Written and Oratory English Skills for efficient daily Communication
  • Answering USA OEM Requirements of EMS providers
  • Planned IPO in 2025
Manufacturing, EMS, OEMs, EMS Optimized, program development, manufacturing prominence

Our Business Focus

Manufacturing, electronics, EMS

Our Markets

  • Industrial
  • Consumer
  • Telecommunication s
  • Fiber Optic Communications

Our Programs

  • Hign Volume-Low Mix
  • Medium Volume-Low to Medium Mix
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Turn-Key and Complete Box Builds

TCE’s history of success has been helped by our strategic location in Saigon, namely the campus of Vietnam’s premier technology park, Saigon High Tech Park (SHTP).

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Our business platform is unique, and appropriate for the pragmatic American OEM. Our program is geared to cut through the most common difficulties in establishing the EMS – OEM relationships.